Wendy Williams’ ‘Pricey’ Divorce: How Much Did She Shell Out?


The past year has been quite a tumultuous one for Wendy Williams, who recently finalized her divorce from her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter. The couple’s highly publicized and contentious split made headlines around the world, and now it’s time to take a look at the financials. How much did Wendy Williams actually shell out for her pricey divorce?

Divorce Settlement and Alimony

The divorce between Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter was finalized in January 2020. According to reports, Wendy was granted primary custody of their son as part of the settlement. Additionally, she also received a one-time payout of $1 million from her ex-husband. This payout was separate from the alimony and child support payments, which were not publicly disclosed.

Division of Assets

The division of assets was another major point of contention in the Williams-Hunter divorce. Wendy reportedly received their West Orange, New Jersey, home and their oceanfront estate in Florida, both of which had considerable value. She also received the couple’s cars, including a Mercedes S-Class, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Meanwhile, Kevin was given their boat, which was valued at $20,000. He was also reportedly allowed to keep a $2 million investment fund, as well as two homes which were purchased in his name. Additionally, Wendy has agreed to cover his legal fees, which are estimated to be close to $1 million.

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The Cost of Divorce Lawyers

One of the most costly aspects of the divorce was the cost of hiring divorce lawyers. Wendy reportedly hired high-profile lawyer, Robert Wallack, to handle her case. Wallack was said to have been paid a retainer fee of $500,000, plus additional fees for each court appearance. On the other hand, Kevin was represented by the prominent attorney, Randy Kessler, who has handled many high profile divorces in the past. Kessler was said to have been paid a retainer fee of $250,000.

The Cost of Divorce Therapy

Another factor that contributed to the cost of the divorce was the cost of divorce therapy. Wendy and Kevin had reportedly opted to seek therapy to help them work through their differences and negotiate the terms of their divorce. The couple reportedly spent a total of $100,000 on counseling sessions over the course of their split.

The Cost of Publicity

Wendy and Kevin both opted to hire publicists to help them manage their public images during the divorce process. Wendy hired the firm, Hologic, to help her handle the media attention surrounding the split. Meanwhile, Kevin hired a separate PR firm, Eagle Eye, which was said to have been paid $50,000.

The Final Cost

When all is said and done, Wendy Williams is estimated to have spent a grand total of $3.5 million on her divorce. This figure includes the cost of the settlement, alimony, division of assets, divorce lawyers, divorce therapy, and publicity. While this may seem like a hefty sum, it is far less than the $50 million she was expecting to pay out as part of the settlement.

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The Lessons Learned

The cost of Wendy Williams’ divorce serves as an important reminder that divorce can be an expensive and lengthy process. It also serves as a cautionary tale for those considering getting married, as it highlights the importance of having a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement can help protect both parties if the marriage ever ends in divorce, saving them a great deal of time, money, and heartache.


The cost of Wendy Williams’ divorce was substantial, but it could have been much higher had she not had the foresight to get a prenuptial agreement. While the financial implications of the divorce are certainly significant, the emotional turmoil that accompanies it can often times be even greater. It is our hope that Wendy and Kevin can eventually move on and find peace and happiness in their post-divorce lives.

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