Uncovering the Truth: Is Craig Herrera Married?


Are you one of those people that are obsessed with the life of famous personalities? If yes, then you must have heard the name of Craig Herrera! He is a renowned television anchor and a radio personality who has been gracing your TV and radio screens for a few years now. People are in awe of his charisma and how well he carries himself both on and off the camera. But there is one aspect about his personal life that has always been a mystery – is he married?

Well, today we will be uncovering the truth and finding out if Craig Herrera is indeed married. We will take a peek into his personal life, his relationship history and will also look into the rumors about him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Family Life

We all know that Craig Herrera is a renowned media personality, but not much is known about his family life. According to reports, Craig is an only child and was raised by his single mother in Los Angeles, California. Although little is known about his mother, it has been reported that she is a successful businesswoman and has been a great support to Craig throughout his career.

Craig has never been particularly vocal about his family and hence, not much is known about his relatives. But despite his tight-lipped nature, we do know that he is very close to his family and still lives with them in Los Angeles.

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Relationship History

Craig Herrera’s relationship history is quite interesting. According to reports, he has been in a few relationships in the past, but none of them has been serious enough to lead him to marriage. In fact, most of his relationships have been brief and shortlived.

It has been reported that Craig was in a relationship with an unnamed actress in the year 2010. The couple was often spotted together at movie premieres and award functions. But the relationship soon fizzled out and the couple broke up within a few months.

Craig was also reported to have been in a brief relationship with a famous singer in the year 2011. The couple was seen enjoying romantic dinners together and often took romantic strolls on the beach. However, due to their conflicting schedules, the couple soon parted ways.


Although Craig has never been married or even in a serious relationship, there have been rumors about him getting hitched in the past. It was reported that Craig was secretly married to an unnamed woman in the year 2013. However, these rumors were never confirmed and were soon dispelled.

Another rumor that has been doing the rounds is that Craig was in a relationship with a famous model in the year 2014. Reports suggested that the couple was planning to tie the knot, but they eventually parted ways due to incompatibility issues.

Love Life Today

Craig Herrera’s love life today seems to be in a steady flow. According to reports, the media personality is in a committed relationship and is quite serious about it. Although he has never revealed the identity of his current partner, there have been rumors that she is a popular actress in Hollywood.

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The couple is often seen together in public, usually at movie premieres and award functions. It seems like Craig’s current relationship is quite strong and has the potential to last for a long time.


So, is Craig Herrera married? Well, the answer is no! Despite being in relationships in the past and being in a serious relationship today, Craig has never been married. He is still very much single and there is no indication that he will be getting married anytime soon.

It is quite evident from his relationship history that Craig is quite an independent and private person. He likes to keep his personal life to himself and does not like to reveal much about it. We can only hope that he finds his Mrs. Right soon and brings her home!

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