Uncovering the Truth: Is Camp Kikiwaka a Real Place?


Camp Kikiwaka is a fictional summer camp that was featured on the Disney Channel show Bunk’d. It follows the lives of Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross as they travel from New York city to Maine to spend the summer on their grandparents’ campgrounds. But, is Camp Kikiwaka a real place or just a figment of the show writers’ imaginations? Many people have asked this very same question, so let’s uncover the truth and find out once and for all.

What is Camp Kikiwaka?

Camp Kikiwaka is a legendary summer camp located in Maine. It is known for its magical and mysterious atmosphere, as well as its unique and quirky traditions. It is the home to many different characters and creatures, including the campers and counselors, the lovable talking bear, Grizzly, and the mysterious lake monster, the Kikiwaka.

What is the Setting for Camp Kikiwaka?

The camp is set in a picturesque area of Maine, surrounded by lush green forests and a tranquil lake. It is a popular destination for campers from all over, who come to take part in activities such as canoeing, archery, and zip-lining. The camp also includes a mess hall, cabins, and a recreation hall.

Where Was Camp Kikiwaka Filmed?

Camp Kikiwaka was actually filmed at the real-life summer camp, Camp Overlook, located in Port Orchard, Washington. Camp Overlook has been in operation since the late 1800s, and is known for its rustic charm and outdoor activities. It is also considered the perfect location for filming the show, as it provided a very similar setting to the one seen on the show.

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Are There Similar Camps to Camp Kikiwaka?

Although Camp Kikiwaka is a fictional camp, there are many other camps throughout the United States that have similar features and settings. For example, Camp North Star in Minnesota has a similar lake and forest setting, as well as a variety of outdoor activities. There is also the Camp Tanglewood in Oregon, which features zip-lining, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.

Are There Any Actual Camps Named Camp Kikiwaka?

Unfortunately, there are no camps in the United States that are named Camp Kikiwaka. However, there is a camp in Canada called Camp Kikiwakan that shares many of the same features and activities that Camp Kikiwaka has in the show.

What Are the Differences Between Camp Kikiwaka and Camp Overlook?

Although Camp Overlook was used as the filming location for Camp Kikiwaka, the two camps do have some differences. For example, Camp Overlook does not have the same magical and mysterious atmosphere as Camp Kikiwaka, and there are no talking bears or lake monsters.


To conclude, Camp Kikiwaka is a fictional summer camp that appears on Disney Channel’s show Bunk’d. While there is no actual Camp Kikiwaka in the United States, there are other camps that share similar features and activities. Camp Overlook in Port Orchard, Washington was used as the filming location for the show, but it does not have the same magical and mysterious atmosphere as Camp Kikiwaka. We may never know whether Camp Kikiwaka is a real place or just a figment of the writers’ imaginations, but one thing is for sure: Camp Kikiwaka has become an iconic part of the summer camp experience.

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