Uncovering the True Story Behind Is the Accountant – Don’t Miss Out!


If you’re a fan of crime-thrillers, then you’ve probably heard of Is the Accountant, the dark and mysterious movie released in 2016. The film’s one-of-a-kind story follows accountant Christian Wolff and his journey of uncovering secrets and unraveling a vast underground network of crime and corruption. Despite its memorable plot, there isn’t much known about the film’s production or the story behind it.

In this blog post, we’ll be uncovering the true story behind Is the Accountant, from its inception and development, to its overwhelming success at the box office and its long-lasting influence. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey!

The Idea for Is the Accountant

Is the Accountant was developed by renowned filmmaker Gavin O’Connor and writer Bill Dubuque. The two were inspired by the the idea of a realistic yet entertaining crime-thriller, with a unique story and characters. According to O’Connor, the idea for Is the Accountant originally came while they were discussing the idea of a “lonely, eccentric genius accountant”, which served as the basis for the movie’s main character.

Writing the Script

Once the idea had been settled, O’Connor and Dubuque set to work on writing the script for Is the Accountant. Writing the script was a lengthy process, as O’Connor and Dubuque wanted to make sure that the story and characters would be authentic and believable. They took their time, developing characters, locations and a detailed plot, which included a complex network of criminals, who Christian must outsmart.

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Casting the Perfect Cast

Once the script was finished, the next step was to cast the perfect cast to bring the story of Is the Accountant to life. O’Connor and Dubuque sought for actors who could portray the various characters of the movie with precision and nuance. Eventually, Ben Affleck was cast as the main character, Christian Wolff, and Anna Kendrick as his assistant and confidant.

Creating the Perfect Visuals

Once the perfect cast was assembled, Is the Accountant’s filmmakers began to work on creating the perfect visuals for the movie. They worked meticulously to create scenes that accurately reflect the story, while also conveying an atmosphere of tension and suspense. The movie features beautiful visuals that truly capture the suspenseful and thrilling nature of the story.

The Release of Is the Accountant

Is the Accountant was released in theaters in 2016, to much critical acclaim. The movie was praised for its story, character development and visuals, and it quickly became a hit with moviegoers. O’Connor and Dubuque’s vision for the movie had been realized, as Is the Accountant was a resounding success at the box office, grossing over $155 million worldwide.

Reception and Long-lasting Influence

Is the Accountant was extremely well-received by critics and audiences alike. The movie was praised for its complex characters and intense story, which was unlike anything else that had been seen before. Is the Accountant was also praised for its unique visuals, which served to heighten the suspense of the movie.

The success of Is the Accountant had a major influence on the genre of crime-thriller films, as it established a reputation for being a riveting and intense movie. The influence of Is the Accountant can be seen in many other crime-thriller films that have been released since, such as Wind River and The Accountant.

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Is the Accountant is a unique movie that has had a lasting influence on the crime-thriller genre. From its inception and development, to its success at the box office, Is the Accountant has truly made its mark in the world of cinema. We hope this blog post has helped you uncover the true story behind Is the Accountant, and we hope you enjoyed this incredible journey!

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