The ‘Situation’ Got Real: Breaking Down Mike Sorrentino’s Wedding Costs!


It’s been quite the ride for Mike Sorrentino and his now-wife Lauren Pesce. From meeting in college, to competing on “Jersey Shore,” to overcoming a battle with substance abuse, and ultimately finding each other again and getting married – it’s been an incredible story. For Sorrentino’s fans, the story of their wedding was just as exciting. On November 1, 2018 the couple exchanged vows at the iconic “The Legacy Castle” in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Reports of the cost of their wedding quickly circulated, but exactly what did it cost to create the perfect wedding for Mike and Lauren? Let’s take a look and break down the costs.

Venue Rental

The venue rental for the wedding came out to a grand total of $73,000. Located in the suburbs of New York City, “The Legacy Castle” is an incredible place for a wedding. From the brick courtyard, to the grand ballroom and atrium lit with chandeliers, it’s easy to see why Mike and Lauren chose this place for their special day. This fee likely covered use of the entire venue for the day, as well as tables and chairs, and other items for the reception.

Photography and Videography

Having memories of the day is just as important as having a great time. To capture the special moments from his wedding, Mike and Lauren chose celebrity photographer and videographer John Nowak. With Nowak on board to document the day, they spent a reported $25,000 on photography and videography services.

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Wedding Attire

No wedding is complete without the perfect attire. Mike chose a classic black tuxedo while Lauren wore a stunning white tulle gown with intricate beading. The couple also had their bridal party and family members dressed in custom ensembles, which likely added to their overall budget. Reports suggest that the Sorrentinos spent around $15,000 on their wedding attire and the outfits for the bridal party.

Flowers and Decor

The flowers and decor for Mike and Lauren’s wedding were provided by “Bella Fiori Design,” a floral event design and planning company. While the cost of the floral arrangements has not been reported, it is estimated that the cost of the flowers and decor for the entire wedding was around $15,000.


Catering for the wedding was provided by celebrity chef and restaurateur, Roblé Ali. Ali served up a Mexican-themed feast for the guests, featuring dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and ceviche. While the cost of the catering has not been reported, it is estimated that the couple spent around $20,000 on the food and drinks.


No wedding is complete without some great music to keep the guests entertained. For the Sorrentinos’ big day, they chose celebrity DJ, Ruckus. Ruckus has worked with several high-profile clients, and kept the crowd on their feet throughout the night. It is estimated that the couple spent around $10,000 on entertainment for their special day.

Wedding Favors

To thank their guests for attending their big day, the couple chose to give out custom wedding favors. Favors included mini bottles of wine, personalized shot glasses, and custom sunglasses with the couple’s initials on them. While the cost of these favors has not been reported, it is estimated that the couple spent around $3,000 on these items.

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Having a luxury wedding calls for luxurious transportation. Mike and Lauren chose to hire a luxury limousine to get them to and from their wedding. It is estimated that the couple spent around $1,000 on transportation for the day.

Grand Total

When all is said and done, the grand total for Mike and Lauren’s wedding came out to a whopping $142,000. That’s an incredible amount of money to spend on a single day, but considering the venue, custom attire, and celebrity guests, it’s understandable why they went all-out to make their wedding unforgettable.


Mike and Lauren Sorrentino’s wedding was truly a fairy-tale ending to their amazing story. From the venue, to the attire, to the entertainment, no expense was spared in making their day unforgettable. While the cost of their wedding was certainly high, it’s clear that it was worth every penny to Mike and Lauren. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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