The Hoffman’s are Making Big Bucks Mining for Gold on ‘Gold Rush’!

Gold Rush is one of the most successful shows on television. It follows the fortunes of gold miners Parker Schnabel, Todd Hoffman, and their team of “miners” – dubbed the “Hoffman Crew” – as they search for gold in the Alaska and Yukon territories. The show has been running for over ten years, and fans constantly wonder how much money the Hoffmans are making mining for gold.

The History of Gold Rush

Gold Rush first aired in December of 2010 and has since become the longest running series in the history of the Discovery Channel. The show follows the Hoffmans, who had previously been running an Oregonian aviation business, as they move to Porcupine Creek, Alaska and attempt to make a fortune in gold mining.

The idea for Gold Rush came from executive producer Christo Doyle, who found inspiration from the old gold-hunting shows of the 1980s. The creators of the show wanted to provide viewers with a modern-day version of these shows, and the Hoffmans were more than happy to oblige.

The Hoffman Crew

The Hoffmans are not alone in their gold-mining venture. They are accompanied by a crew of friends and family members, as well as a number of professional miners hired to help them find the gold. The crew consists of Todd’s son Parker Schnabel, his brother Jim, and Todd’s nephews Dave Turin and Greg Remsburg, as well as a number of other miners.

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The Hoffman Crew has seen a number of highs and lows during their time on the show, but overall, they have been quite successful. They have discovered large amounts of gold, and their success has made them household names in the gold mining world.

How Much Money Are The Hoffmans Making?

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is – how much money are the Hoffmans making mining for gold on Gold Rush? The truth is, no one knows for sure, as the show never divulges the exact amount of money the Hoffman crew earns.

However, it is safe to assume that they are making a considerable amount of money. According to some sources, Parker Schnabel alone earned around $8 million in 2016. It’s also been reported that the Hoffmans have earned over $20 million in total, although this is impossible to verify.

We can also assume that the Hoffmans are making good money from their appearances on the show. According to some reports, the Hoffmans are said to have been paid between $25,000 and $50,000 per episode, which would add up to a significant amount of money if you take into account how long the show has been running.

The Hoffman’s Gold Mining Businesses

The Hoffmans have also made a number of investments in businesses related to gold mining. These businesses include, but are not limited to, a gold dredging company, a gold-testing laboratory, and a partnership in a gold mine in the Yukon.

The Hoffmans also own their own gold mine, called the Big Nugget Mine, which is located near Porcupine Creek, Alaska. The mine is estimated to be worth around $7 million, and although it hasn’t been producing as much gold as they had hoped, the Hoffmans have still made a considerable amount of money from it.

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The Hoffmans have also made a number of investments in other businesses and properties outside of gold mining. These investments include a beachfront resort in Costa Rica, a motel and RV park in California, and several other properties in the United States.

The Hoffmans’ Impact on the Gold Mining Industry

The Hoffmans have had a significant impact on the gold mining industry. Since the show first aired in 2010, gold mining has become much more popular among the general public. The Hoffmans have undoubtedly inspired many of their viewers to explore gold mining as a potential career or hobby.

In addition to inspiring people to explore gold mining, the Hoffmans have also made it easier for amateur miners to get involved in the industry. By showcasing their own gold mining experiences, they have made things much easier for people who want to give gold mining a try.

The Hoffmans have also helped to promote the use of modern technology in gold mining. They have been at the forefront of using modern tools such as excavators and large wash plants, which have made gold mining much easier and more efficient.


It’s clear that the Hoffman crew has made a significant amount of money mining for gold on Gold Rush. They have also had a significant impact on the gold mining industry, inspiring many to take up gold mining as a hobby or career and promoting the use of modern technology in the industry. It’s safe to say that the Hoffmans’ involvement in the gold mining industry has been a success.

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