Spotting the Signs: How to Tell if Your Nike Blazers are Fake!


Nothing beats the feeling of finding a new pair of Nike Blazers. Whether you’re buying them directly from a store or online, you can’t help but feel like you found the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Unfortunately, like anything else worth buying, there are a lot of fakes out there. Knowing how to tell if your Nike Blazers are fake can save you time, money and hassle. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the various signs you should look out for when trying to spot a fake pair of Nike Blazers.

Nike Blazers Packaging

One of the biggest giveaways of a fake is the packaging of the Nike Blazers. Generally, Nike Blazers will come in a cardboard box with a plastic window in the front for you to see the shoes inside. The box should also typically have a label on it that reads “Nike” or “Nike Blazers”. Even if the shoes come in a plastic bag, they should have the “Nike” label on it. If the packaging is off in any way, chances are you have a fake pair of Nike Blazers.

Nike Logo

The Nike logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world and is often used as a way to identify genuine Nike products. The Nike logo should be a simple “swoosh” design, with no other designs or words. It is also not very detailed, with only a few lines and curves that make up the logo. If the logo on your pair of Nike Blazers looks different from the typical “swoosh” design, it is most likely fake.

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The material of genuine Nike Blazers is usually made up of high-quality leather or synthetic materials. The material should be soft to the touch and should have a smooth finish. It should also have a bit of a shine to it, making it look more expensive. Fake Nike Blazers, on the other hand, tend to have a rough or grainy texture and may even have a slight plastic feel.


The stitching on genuine Nike Blazers should be even and precise, with no loose threads or visible signs of wear and tear. Fake Nike Blazers often have uneven or sloppy stitching that is easily visible to the naked eye. The threads should also be a consistent color, with no signs of fading or discoloration.


Genuine Nike Blazers should have a label on the inside of the shoe that includes the brand, size, and style of the shoes. This label should be made of a thin, soft material that is free of any imperfections. Fake Nike Blazers may not have an identifiable label at all, or may have a label that is made of a stiff material.


The sole of genuine Nike Blazers is typically made of rubber and should have a smooth, even surface. It should also have the trademark Nike “swoosh” logo, with no other designs or words. Fake Nike Blazers may have a sole made of a cheaper, flimsy material, or may have no logo at all.


Genuine Nike Blazers usually come in a variety of colors, but the colors should be consistent throughout the shoe. Fake Nike Blazers often have color variations or fades, which can be a dead giveaway that they are not authentic.

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Finally, the price of your Nike Blazers is a good indicator of whether or not they are genuine. Genuine Nike Blazers are usually expensive and rarely go for discounted prices. If you find a pair of Nike Blazers that is significantly cheaper than what you would normally find them for, it is likely that they are fake.


Spotting a fake pair of Nike Blazers can be a difficult task, but if you know what to look for it can be easier. By looking for the Nike logo, checking the packaging and material, inspecting the stitching and label, examining the sole and color, and keeping an eye on the price, you can be sure that you are getting a genuine pair of Nike Blazers. Taking the time to inspect your shoes can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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