Shaq Takes Control: The Surprising Truth Behind Who Owns Marilyn Monroe Rights


Everyone has heard of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, the film and pop culture icon who left a lasting legacy that has lasted for decades. But what many people may not know is that the rights to Marilyn Monroe are currently owned by one of the most unlikely owners: NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. That’s right, Shaq has control of the rights to the late actress. But how did he get them? What does he plan to do with them? In this blog post, we’re going to explore the surprising truth behind who owns Marilyn Monroe rights, as well as what Shaq has in store for them.

Shaq’s Connection To Marilyn Monroe

At first glance, Shaq and Marilyn Monroe may not seem to have much in common, but the truth is they have more of a connection than you’d think. Shaq has been a long-time fan of Marilyn Monroe and even named his oldest daughter after her, with her legal name being Shaquille O’Neal Jr., Marilyn Monroe O’Neal. Shaq’s connection to Marilyn Monroe doesn’t end there, however. In 2014, Shaq announced he had acquired the rights to Marilyn Monroe from the estate of photographer Milton H. Greene, who had acquired them from Monroe herself.

Why Did Shaq Buy The Rights?

When asked why he decided to purchase the rights to Marilyn Monroe, Shaq said he wanted to change the perception of Monroe and help “her reach more people with a more positive message.” Shaq believes that many of Monroe’s fans only know her as a sex symbol, and he wants to help create a more holistic view of her. He also believes that owning the rights will help to protect her legacy and prevent any unauthorized use of her image or likeness.

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What Does Shaq Plan To Do With The Rights?

Shaq has big plans for the rights to Marilyn Monroe. He has already launched a website,, to showcase her life and legacy, as well as a line of apparel featuring her iconic image. He also plans to create a series of documentaries about her life and career. Additionally, Shaq intends to produce a line of movies starring Monroe, and he has already purchased the rights to a script about her life.

Shaq’s Business Ventures

In addition to his Marilyn Monroe rights, Shaq has also become a successful businessman in his own right. He is a partner in various business ventures, such as a chain of restaurants, a line of audio products, and several other investments. He also has his own sports management company, and serves as a spokesperson for a number of products, including a line of power equipment.

The Importance of Protecting Monroe’s Legacy

It’s clear that Shaq is passionate about protecting the legacy of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is one of the most iconic figures in American culture, and it’s important that her legacy be preserved and represented properly. By owning the rights to her image and likeness, Shaq is ensuring that no one can use her image in an unauthorized way. This helps to protect Monroe’s legacy and ensure that her memory is respected.

The Future of Marilyn Monroe Rights

It remains to be seen what Shaq will do with the rights to Marilyn Monroe, but it’s clear that he’s passionate about it. He has already launched a website and apparel line, and he intends to produce a series of documentaries and movies about her. It’s also likely that he will continue to use the rights to protect Monroe’s legacy and ensure that her image and likeness are only used in appropriate ways.

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It may come as a surprise to some that Shaq owns the rights to Marilyn Monroe, but it’s clear that he’s passionate about preserving her legacy and protecting her image. By owning the rights, Shaq is ensuring that Monroe’s memory is respected and that her image and likeness aren’t used in unauthorized ways. He also has big plans for the rights, including launching a website, creating documentaries and movies, and producing apparel. Ultimately, Shaq’s ownership of Marilyn Monroe’s rights is a positive thing, as it helps to protect her legacy and ensure that her memory is respected.

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