Revving Up with ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Sue!

Introduction to Sue

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, the stars of the show ‘Fast N’ Loud’, are some of the most famous car aficionados in the world. The show follows Richard and Aaron as they hunt for classic cars, restore them and sell them for profit. But there is one wild card in the mix that few people know about – Sue! She’s Richard’s wife and Aaron’s business partner, and she plays an important part in keeping the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ business running smoothly.

Sue began working with Richard and Aaron in 2012 on their Gas Monkey Garage project. She had initially been working with Richard at the Dallas-based marketing firm he owned. They were working on a project to promote the opening of Gas Monkey Garage when they began dating, eventually leading to their marriage in 2017. Since then, Sue has become heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the shop, helping Richard and Aaron source cars, organize events and handle administrative duties.

Sue Brings Years of Experience to the Table

Sue has a long history of working in the automotive industry. Before working with Richard and Aaron, she spent more than a decade in the automotive retail industry, both as a dealership manager and as a buyer for a large dealership group. As such, she brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table when she works with Richard and Aaron.

Not only does Sue have an extensive background in the automotive industry, she was also the Chief Operating Officer of a marketing firm for many years. This experience has allowed her to bring a unique perspective to the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ business. She has an eye for finding unique cars that spark the interest of car enthusiasts, and she also has the marketing and administrative skills to help the team promote their business and manage their accounting.

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Contributions to ‘Fast N’ Loud’

Sue is an invaluable part of the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ team. Not only does she have the experience and knowledge to help Richard and Aaron find and restore cars, but she’s also involved in a number of other aspects of the show’s production. First, she assists with the show’s social media presence, creating content for the show’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. She also oversees the show’s promotions and works with the production team to ensure that each episode is successful.

In addition to her work in the automotive industry and her involvement in the show, Sue is an active philanthropist. She frequently donates her time to a variety of charities, including those that support animal welfare and cancer research. She’s also a strong advocate for women in the automotive industry, helping to provide resources and opportunities for women who are interested in pursuing careers in the field.

Her Involvement in Events and Charity Tours

In addition to her regular duties with ‘Fast N’ Loud’, Sue often joins Richard and Aaron at events and charity tours. She was an integral part of the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ tour in 2014, which allowed the team to meet their fans and show off some of their amazing cars. Sue also joined Richard and Aaron at the annual Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Las Vegas, where they showcased their skills and their cars to the entire world.

Sue is also an advocate for charity work and often joins Richard and Aaron on their charity tours. She took part in their most recent tour, which focused on breast cancer awareness and raised money for a worthy cause. Sue has also worked with Richard and Aaron to organize events and fundraisers for a variety of charities, including the SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Family Life with Richard and Aaron

Sue is the glue that holds the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ team together. Not only is she a valuable member of their team, but she’s also a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s been married to Richard since 2017 and is a stepmother to Richard’s two sons. She also has a daughter and a grandson from a previous marriage.

Sue is an important part of Richard and Aaron’s extended family and often joins them on trips and outings. She also provides a steady presence in the shop, offering advice and guidance when Richard and Aaron are struggling to solve a problem or figure out the best way to approach a project. Sue is also a great cook and often prepares meals at the shop.

Sue’s Active Social Life

When Sue isn’t working with the ‘Fast N’ Loud’ team, she enjoys an active social life. She often goes out with friends and family, visiting places around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She also enjoys traveling and has taken trips to a variety of destinations, including Hawaii and the Caribbean.

In addition to her travels, Sue is a passionate runner and loves to stay active. She often goes for jogs around her neighborhood and enjoys participating in races and running events around the Dallas area. She also loves to spend time in nature and can often be found camping or fishing with her family.

Supporting Her Husband Richard

Sue is an incredibly supportive wife and is always there to cheer on her husband Richard. She’s attended all of his races – from drag races to endurance events – and has been a driving force of encouragement as he pursues his dreams. Sue also opened up a restaurant in Dallas called ‘Gas Monkey Bar and Grill’ with Richard in 2013, and continues to manage the operations of the restaurant to this day.

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Sue is the driving force behind ‘Fast N’ Loud’, an invaluable member of the team that is equally knowledgeable and passionate. With her years of experience in the automotive industry, her marketing expertise, and her outgoing personality, Sue adds much needed balance to the show. From helping Richard and Aaron find cars to managing the day-to-day operations of the shop, Sue is an integral part of ‘Fast N’ Loud’ and an amazing role model for women in the automotive industry. She proves that women can be successful in any field, no matter their background or experience.

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