Revealing How Much Robin McGraw is Worth – You’ll Be Surprised!

Who is Robin McGraw?

Robin McGraw is an American author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is best known as the wife of television talk-show host, Dr. Phil McGraw. She is also an important member of the Dr. Phil Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was founded by the couple to make a positive difference in the lives of children, adults and families. Robin is also the author of several books, including her most recent, “Inside My Heart.”

How Robin McGraw Became Successful

The couple met in 1976 when Robin was a student at the University of Tulsa. Robin and Dr. Phil developed a strong relationship and eventually married in 1976. After the couple’s marriage, Robin quit her job and dedicated herself to helping Dr. Phil’s television career. She took on the role of a producer for Dr. Phil’s television show and also worked as a creative consultant.

In addition to helping Dr. Phil’s career, Robin has also made a name for herself as an author. She has written several books and has even been featured on the New York Times bestseller list. She has also been praised for her advocacy work, having been honored with the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Shining Star Award in 2011.

Robin McGraw’s Net Worth

Robin McGraw’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. This figure is largely attributed to her and Dr. Phil’s joint earnings from their television show. The couple is also involved in a number of other ventures, such as real estate, production companies and the Dr. Phil Foundation. All these sources of income contribute to their current net worth.

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Robin McGraw’s Real Estate

The McGraws own several properties around the country, including a ranch in Colorado, an estate in Malibu and a house in Beverly Hills. They also own a ranch in Texas, which serves as the setting for their television show. The couple also owns a ski lodge in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Robin McGraw’s Businesses

In addition to her real estate investments, Robin is also involved in a number of business ventures. She founded her own production company, Robin McGraw Revelation, which has produced a number of successful films, television shows and other projects.

The couple also owns several media companies, including Stage 29 Productions, which produces the Dr. Phil Show. Robin is also involved in two lifestyle brands, Robin McGraw Plank, which sells a line of activewear, and the Robin McGraw Revelation collection, which sells cosmetics and skincare products.

Robin McGraw’s Other Ventures

In addition to her business ventures, Robin is also involved in a number of charitable organizations. She is a board member of the Dr. Phil Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. She is also a board member of the National Women’s History Museum, a children’s literacy charity.

Robin McGraw’s Books

Robin has also published several books, beginning with her New York Times bestseller, “Inside My Heart.” She has since written, “From the Inside Out,” “What’s Age Got to Do With It,” and “From My Heart to Yours: Life Lessons From an Unexpected Journey.” Her books have become popular, with over two million copies sold worldwide.


In conclusion, Robin McGraw is an incredibly successful woman. She is not only the wife of the famous Dr. Phil, but she is also an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businesswoman. With her many successful ventures, it’s no surprise that she has an estimated net worth of $60 million. It’s clear that Robin McGraw is a successful woman who has achieved much throughout her career.

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