Rapping All the Way to the Top: Meet the World’s Oldest Rapper!

Rapping All the Way to the Top: Meet the World’s Oldest Rapper!

Hip-hop is one of the fastest growing musical genres in the world, and its influence can be felt everywhere. From its pervasive beats to its iconic lyrics and vibrant culture, the art of rap has become an integral part of our society. Now, an unexpected figure is joining the ranks of rap’s superstars – a man who is pushing the limits of rap’s longevity to its ultimate extreme. He is the world’s oldest rapper – and he’s making his mark on the rap game despite his age.

Who Is the World’s Oldest Rapper?

His name is Henry Court, and he’s a 90-year-old from London, England. He enjoys a vibrant lifestyle that involves staying active and involved in his community. But when he’s not engaged in activities like gardening or visiting the cinema, he’s making music. Court is a rapper, and he’s taking the rap game by storm with his refreshing take on the genre.

How Did Henry Court Get Into Rap?

The story of how Court got into rap is an interesting one. It all started in 2018 when a local youth club was looking for entertainment for an upcoming event. Court offered to perform, and,knowing nothing of rap, began to write his own lyrics. He found the experience to be “exhilarating” and was soon hooked on the genre.

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Today, Court is a full-time rapper and he credits the youth club with helping him discover his newfound passion. He is grateful for the opportunity they gave him and has gone on to become an inspiration to many with his incredible story.

The Appeal of Henry Court’s Rap

At 90 years old, Court’s rap is unique for a number of reasons. For one, his music is heavily influenced by his life experiences and is full of wisdom and insight. His lyrics often reflect on the joys and struggles of growing old, as well as the importance of making the most of life. Additionally, Court’s rhymes don’t contain any explicit language, making them suitable for all audiences.

But what really sets Court apart is his enthusiasm. He loves rap and performs with a youthful exuberance that’s infectious. Court’s performances have been described as “inspiring” and “uplifting”, and he often leaves his audiences feeling energized and motivated.

Henry Court’s Musical Career

Court has been rapping for two years and has already achieved quite a bit. He’s released his own album, performed at festivals and appeared on television shows. He’s even been featured in the press and on social media, where he has gained quite a following.

Court is a firm believer in the power of rap and encourages others to follow their dreams, no matter their age. He’s often quoted saying, “You don’t have to be young to be involved in music, it’s an art form that everyone can enjoy.”

Henry Court’s Legacy

Henry Court is an inspiration to many, and he is an example of what is possible in life, no matter your age. Through his music and performances, he has spread a message of positivity and resilience that has resonated with people of all ages. As Court himself has said, “you can never be too old to chase your dreams.”

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Court’s passion for rap is undeniable and his story is truly remarkable. Through his tireless efforts, he has shown that music is for everyone and that age is just a number. He has set a powerful example for us all by taking on the challenge of rapping and exceeding all expectations.

Where Can I Hear Henry Court’s Music?

Henry Court’s music can be found on a variety of platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. He has also been featured on several radio stations and has performed at a number of festivals and events. Additionally, Court recently launched his own website, where fans can stay up to date with his projects and performances.

So if you’d like to listen to the world’s oldest rapper, you know where to go. Just be prepared to be inspired – and have your heartstrings tugged.

Advice from Henry Court on Pursuing Your Dreams

Henry Court has a few words of advice for anyone who is just starting out on the path to pursuing their dreams. He encourages people to “stay positive and never give up” and to “follow your own path and do what makes you happy.” He also states that “you can never be too old to chase your dreams.”

These words of wisdom have certainly been the key to Court’s rap success. He has shown that age is no barrier to achieving one’s goals, and has demonstrated that it’s possible to live a full and successful life no matter how old we are.


Henry Court is an inspiring figure and a shining example of what’s possible if you’re willing to chase your dreams. At 90 years old, he has already achieved much in the rap game and is a living testament to the power of determination.

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No matter what your goals are, Court’s story should be a source of motivation. His achievements serve as a reminder that age doesn’t have to be a barrier to success, and that with enough grit and determination, anything is possible.

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