Queen Latifah’s Passion For Motorcycles: What Drives Her To Ride?

Queen Latifah is no stranger to a life filled with unconventional passions and interests. Whether it’s her well documented love of cooking or her more recent passion for beekeeping, the Queen has been an inspirational figure in the music and entertainment industry for decades. One lesser known but equally intriguing passion of hers is her love for riding motorcycles. So what drives Queen Latifah to take her bike out for a spin? Let’s find out.

An Unmistakable Love for Motorcycles

Queen Latifah has been passionate about motorcycles since she was a teen and has even gone on to feature them prominently in her music and movie career. In her 1993 hit single “U.N.I.T.Y.”, Latifah can be seen riding a Harley Davidson Sportster in the music video. The lyrics of the powerful feminist anthem make it obvious that the motorcycle symbolizes much more than just two-wheeled transportation. In her 2006 feature film, “The Last Holiday”, Latifah plays a character named Georgia Byrd who rides a vintage Triumph Bonneville. The motorcycle is a big part of Georgia’s story and serves as a powerful symbol of freedom, independence and rebirth.

Passion for the Power and Freedom of Riding

Queen Latifah’s love of motorcycles isn’t just a product of her music career – it’s a genuine passion and appreciation for all the power and freedom that comes with riding a bike. For Latifah, it’s a way to escape from all the stress and pressures of the entertainment industry. When she’s out on the open road, she can forget about the demands of her career and just enjoy the sheer pleasure of riding. The sheer power of her bike gives her a sense of control and independence that she can’t get anywhere else.

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Riding in Style

For Queen Latifah, riding a motorcycle isn’t just about the freedom and power – it’s also about style. She has a passion for customization and loves to customize her bikes with unique accessories and modifications. Latifah has been spotted riding a customized Indian Scout with custom paint and a unique airbrush design. She’s also been seen on her customized Triumph T100 with a unique set of wheels and a unique wrap.

Safety and Comfort in the Saddle

Queen Latifah is a smart rider and takes safety and comfort seriously. When she’s out on her bike, she always wears the proper gear, including a full-face helmet, leather boots and a protective jacket. Latifah also takes the time to regularly maintain her bike and make sure that it is running in top condition. She also knows the importance of getting a comfortable fit on her bike and takes the time to adjust her saddle and handlebars to ensure that she has the most comfortable ride possible.

The Social Aspect of Riding

While Queen Latifah loves riding her motorcycle on her own, she also enjoys the social aspect of riding. She has been to many motorcycle rallies and organized events, where she has met a great number of fellow riders. Latifah has even been known to host her own events, where she meets with other riders and enjoys a day of riding and camaraderie.

The Contribution to Charities

Queen Latifah also uses her passion for motorcycles to give back to the community. She has teamed up with organizations such as The Ride for Kids to help raise money for charity. Latifah has also been involved in various bike rides to raise awareness for important causes.

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Her Own Line of Motorcycles

In 2019, Queen Latifah partnered with American Motorcycle manufacturer, Big Bear Choppers, to create her own line of motorcycles. The line, which is called Queen Latifah’s Bikes, features three different models – the Singer, the Wildhawg, and the Renegade. Each style is designed with Latifah’s personal style in mind and features her signature logo and colors.

Queen Latifah’s Legacy in Motorcycles

Queen Latifah has used her passion for motorcycles to make a lasting impact. Through her music, film and charitable work, she has made it clear that motorcycles are more than just two-wheeled transportation – they are powerful symbols of freedom and independence. Her own line of bikes is a testament to her commitment to motorcycles and her legacy of inspiring others to take the plunge and hit the open road.


Queen Latifah’s passion for motorcycles is undeniable. Her love for riding is an expression of her love for freedom and independence – not to mention her impeccable style. She’s a smart rider who takes safety seriously and uses her own line of bikes to inspire others to get out on the open road. Whether she’s riding for charity or just for fun, Queen Latifah’s passion for riding is clear and inspiring.

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