Is ‘On My Block’ Couple Monse and Cesar Dating in Real Life?


The Netflix series ‘On My Block’ has become one of the most popular shows for young people in recent years with its unique blend of comedy, drama and romance. At the center of the show are Monse and Cesar, a couple who have been through a lot together. With their undeniable chemistry, many viewers have been wondering: is ‘On My Block’ couple Monse and Cesar dating in real life? In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the real-life relationship between the two actors, Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco.

Who Are Monse And Cesar?

Monse and Cesar are two of the main characters on ‘On My Block,’ which follows a group of four teenage friends as they navigate their way through high school, family issues and their South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. Monse, played by the actor Sierra Capri, is a strong-willed and independent young woman who loves writing and is determined to change her life for the better. Cesar, played by Diego Tinoco, is the leader of the group and is fiercely loyal to his friends. He often finds himself in difficult situations but always manages to come out on top. Throughout the show, Monse and Cesar’s relationship develops from casual friends to something more.

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Are Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco Friends in Real Life?

The relationship between Monse and Cesar on ‘On My Block’ is so believable because the actors Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco have a real-life friendship. In interviews and on social media, the two have expressed their admiration for each other and have even posted photos of themselves spending time together. It’s clear that they enjoy spending time with each other and have a strong bond, which is why their on-screen chemistry is so convincing.

Are Monse and Cesar Dating In Real Life?

Despite their strong friendship, Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are not dating in real life. In interviews, both actors have stated that they are extremely close but do not have a romantic relationship. Tinoco even said that it can be difficult to act as if he and Capri are in a relationship when they’re really just friends.

Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco’s Relationship On The Show

Monse and Cesar’s relationship on the show has grown over the seasons, from when they first meet in the pilot to when they finally share their first kiss. Viewers have gotten to witness the couple go through a variety of ups and downs, which has only made them more endearing. Monse and Cesar may not be dating in real life, but it is clear that on-screen they have an undeniable connection that resonates with viewers.

Are Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco Dating Other People?

While Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are not dating each other, both actors do have romantic relationships in their personal lives. Tinoco is currently in a long-term relationship with actress Kylie Sarmiento, while Capri has recently been linked to fellow actor Keith Powers.

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What Do Fans Think About Monse and Cesar?

The relationship between Monse and Cesar is one of the most beloved aspects of ‘On My Block’ and fans have expressed their love for the couple in many ways. On social media, viewers have shared memes, fan art and videos of the two and their relationship. There is even a ‘Conse’ fan page dedicated to the couple. It’s clear that many viewers are rooting for Monse and Cesar and hope that they will eventually get together on the show.

Are Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco Working On Other Projects Together?

In addition to ‘On My Block’, Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are also working on other projects together. The two are collaborating on a movie titled ‘The Kings of L.A.,’ which is set to be released in 2021. They have also been featured in several music videos together and have even released a song of their own.


Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco have a special bond that is evident in their on-screen chemistry as Monse and Cesar. While the two actors are not dating in real life, their friendship is clear and fans can’t get enough of their relationship on the show. Despite not being together in real life, it is clear that Monse and Cesar’s relationship is one that many viewers can relate to and will continue to root for.

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