How Shaquille O’Neal’s Surprising Investment in Marilyn Monroe Changed the Game

How Shaquille O’Neal’s Surprising Investment in Marilyn Monroe Changed the Game

Shaquille O’Neal, the legendary NBA Hall of Famer, has become known for more than just his on-court heroics. O’Neal has long been a savvy businessman, making a name for himself as a real estate mogul and investor. But one of his most surprising investments has been in one of the most iconic figures of all time: Marilyn Monroe. Through his investment in the late actress’ estate, O’Neal has demonstrated how to make savvy business decisions, and how a celebrity’s legacy can live on long after they are gone.

The Power of the Marilyn Monroe Brand

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic figures in American history. Her beauty, wit, and charm were only outmatched by her talent. Since her premature death in 1962, her status as a beloved cultural icon has only grown. Her image and likeness are so coveted that numerous companies have sought to use her likeness in their marketing campaigns.

Over the years, the Monroe estate has been managed by a variety of different companies, including Authentic Brands Group. In 2018, that company sold ownership of the Monroe estate to O’Neal, who had previously partnered with them on a line of Monroe-branded apparel.

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Why Shaq Invested in the Marilyn Monroe Brand

Shaq invested in the Monroe estate for several reasons. First, he saw the potential for the Marilyn Monroe brand to be further leveraged in multiple ways. He and Authentic Brands Group planned to partner with several companies to create and launch a variety of products bearing the Monroe name and likeness.

Second, O’Neal saw the potential to capitalize on the Monroe-branded apparel line he had previously launched with Authentic Brands Group. Under his stewardship, the brand could tap into the much larger market for the actress’ likeness and provide a consistent stream of revenue for years to come.

Finally, O’Neal saw the potential for the Monroe estate to become an invaluable asset for the future of his business empire. With his management and strategic vision, he believed that the Marilyn Monroe brand could become a powerful tool in his real estate and investment portfolio.

The Impact of the Investment

Since O’Neal’s initial investment in the Monroe estate, the brand has become much more visible and valuable. In 2019, O’Neal and Authentic Brands Group partnered with the Museum of the City of New York to open the Marilyn Monroe Experience, a virtual and augmented reality experience honoring the late actress.

In 2020, O’Neal and Authentic Brands Group announced a major deal with the cosmetics giant, Revlon, that granted the company exclusive rights to use Monroe’s likeness in its marketing for the next ten years. This deal alone is estimated to be worth hundreds of Millions of dollars.

These deals are just the beginning of O’Neal’s plans for the Monroe estate. There has been speculation that he may be looking to partner with a streaming service to create a Monroe-branded documentary, or even launch a line of Monroe-themed hotels and resorts.

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What O’Neal’s Investment in Marilyn Monroe Can Teach Us

O’Neal’s investment in the Marilyn Monroe estate is a prime example of the power of celebrity brands and the potential for leveraging them to bring in long-term profits. But it also teaches us an important lesson about the importance of timing. O’Neal was able to invest in the Monroe estate at a time when its value was relatively low. By taking advantage of a unique opportunity and positioning himself to capitalize on it, O’Neal was able to make a savvy investment that has already paid off in a major way.

It also demonstrates the importance of building relationships with brands that can prove to be beneficial in the long-term. O’Neal’s long-standing relationship with Authentic Brands Group allowed him to be in the position to capitalize on the Marilyn Monroe estate when it became available.

O’Neal’s Legacy

Through his investment in the Monroe estate, O’Neal has demonstrated that he is more than just a basketball legend – he is a savvy investor and businessman. His success with the Monroe estate has shown that he is capable of making smart, calculated decisions that can have a major impact on his business ventures.

O’Neal’s legacy is not only that of an NBA legend, but one of a visionary investor and entrepreneur. His success with the Monroe estate has provided a blueprint for other celebrities who may be looking to leverage their legacies in new and creative ways.


Shaquille O’Neal’s investment in the Marilyn Monroe estate is an example of the power of celebrity brands, the importance of relationships, and the potential for savvy investments to pay off in a big way. O’Neal’s success with the Monroe estate has demonstrated how a celebrity’s legacy can be leveraged in creative and lucrative ways, and how smart investments can pay off in the long run.

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O’Neal’s investment in Marilyn Monroe has not only proven to be a financial success, but it has also served as a testament to his savvy business acumen and savvy investments. He has shown that with the right timing and the right partners, the potential rewards of a risky investment can be enormous.

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