How Much Have Sophia Grace and Rosie Earned So Far? Discover Their Net Worth!

Introducing Sophia Grace and Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie are two precocious young British girls who rose to fame in 2011 when their cover of the Nicki Minaj song, “Super Bass,” went viral on YouTube. Since then, the two have earned global recognition and become beloved celebrities in their own right. From their appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to their collaboration with Ariana Grande, Sophia Grace and Rosie have made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. But how much have they earned so far? What is their net worth?

How Did Sophia Grace and Rosie Become Famous?

As previously mentioned, Sophia Grace and Rosie became famous after their cover of “Super Bass” went viral on YouTube. The video was originally uploaded in 2011 and gained traction quickly, amassing over 10 million views by the end of the week. The attention the girls received was unprecedented and caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres.

In 2011, Ellen invited Sophia Grace and Rosie to make their television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The segments in which the girls appeared were an instant hit, and the audience couldn’t get enough of the dynamic duo. In the years that followed, Sophia Grace and Rosie became staples on the show and even interviewed celebrities like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

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Their Success on the Big Screen

As their fame grew, Sophia Grace and Rosie were cast in two movies. In 2013, they appeared in the film “Smurfs 2” and in 2017 they had a role in the movie “Trolls.” Both films were successful and were well-received by fans and critics alike.

In addition to their on-screen success, Sophia Grace and Rosie also teamed up with Ariana Grande for the music video of her hit song “Problem.” This collaboration further endeared them to the public and solidified their status as stars.

Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Music Career

In 2013, Sophia Grace and Rosie released their debut single, “Best Friends.” The song was well-received by fans, and the music video amassed over 36 million views on YouTube. In the same year, they released their second single, “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun,” and their third single, “Hollywood,” in 2014.

In 2015, Sophia Grace and Rosie released their debut EP, “Hollywood,” which was followed by their first full-length album, “Girl In The Mirror,” in 2016. Both releases achieved moderate success, and the girls toured internationally in support of the music.

The Girls’ Endorsement Deals & Social Media Presence

In addition to their music and film appearances, Sophia Grace and Rosie have also appeared in numerous ad campaigns for brands such as Vans, T-Mobile, and Burger King. The girls have also made a name for themselves on social media, with each of them boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram.

In 2018, Sophia Grace and Rosie launched their own YouTube channel, which currently has over 5 million subscribers. Through their channel, they share behind-the-scenes content and videos of their day-to-day lives.

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How Much Have Sophia Grace and Rosie Earned So Far?

Given their success in several arenas, it’s no surprise that Sophia Grace and Rosie have earned quite a bit of money. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Sophia Grace’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, while Rosie’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 million.

Though their exact earnings are unknown, it’s safe to assume that Sophia Grace and Rosie have earned considerable amounts from their music, film, and endorsement deals. Additionally, their YouTube channel and social media presence have certainly added to their overall net worth.

Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Future

Since their rise to fame in 2011, Sophia Grace and Rosie have continued to captivate audiences with their charming personalities and musical talent. They have achieved considerable success and amassed a sizeable net worth in a relatively short period of time.

Their future looks promising as they continue to pursue their various endeavors. As their fame and influence expand, it’s likely that Sophia Grace and Rosie’s net worth will continue to grow.


Sophia Grace and Rosie are two of the most successful young stars in the entertainment industry. They have earned considerable amounts of money from their various endeavors, resulting in a combined net worth of approximately $3.7 million. While their exact earnings are unknown, it’s safe to say that Sophia Grace and Rosie have amassed a considerable fortune in a relatively short time. As their fame continues to grow, it’s likely that their net worth will increase even more.

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