How Much Do the Hosts of ‘Dish Nation’ Earn?

How Much Do the Hosts of ‘Dish Nation’ Earn?

If you’ve ever watched the hit syndicated TV show “Dish Nation,” you’ve undoubtedly been curious about the hosts. Who are these people and how much do they make for their work on the show? Well, the answer might surprise you. Keep reading to find out exactly how much money the hosts of Dish Nation earn.

What is Dish Nation?

For those of you who don’t know, Dish Nation is a celebrity tabloid television show that airs in syndication across the United States. Launched in 2011, the show features four hosts—Rickey Smiley, Da Brat, Ebony Steele, and HeadKrack—who provide comedic commentary on the latest celebrity gossip.

Who Are the Hosts of Dish Nation?

Rickey Smiley is the funniest host of the show and has a long-running career in radio and television. Da Brat is a Grammy-nominated rapper and media personality. Ebony Steele is a comedian and has been a daily contributor to the show since its inception. And finally, HeadKrack is a hip-hop artist and former radio personality who serves as a co-host on the show.

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How Long Has Dish Nation Been on the Air?

The show has been on the air since 2011 and is currently in its ninth season. During its nine years on the air, it has garnered a loyal following and remains one of the most popular celebrity gossip shows in the United States.

How Many Episodes of Dish Nation Are There?

Since the show first premiered in 2011, there have been over 400 episodes of Dish Nation. The show typically airs new episodes five days a week and reruns during the weekends.

What Networks Air Dish Nation?

Dish Nation currently airs on Fox, Fox², and CW affiliates across the United States. Internationally, the show is available on several streaming services.

What Is the Appeal of Dish Nation?

The show appeals to viewers because of its humorous take on celebrity gossip. The hosts are all entertaining and have great chemistry, and the show is often filled with laughter. The show also has a sense of fun that many people can relate to.

How Much Do the Hosts of Dish Nation Earn?

According to reports, the hosts of Dish Nation are paid handsomely for their work on the show. The exact salaries are not public knowledge, but it is believed that Rickey Smiley is the highest-paid host, earning a reported $2 million a year. Da Brat and Ebony Steele are believed to make just under $1 million a year, while HeadKrack is believed to earn around $500,000 a year.

What Other Gigs Do the Hosts of Dish Nation Do?

In addition to their co-hosting duties on Dish Nation, the hosts are all involved in other ventures. Rickey Smiley has a long-running radio show and a weekly podcast. Da Brat is an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses and is an investor in several tech startups. Ebony Steele is an author, actress, and entrepreneur who has published multiple books and appeared in several films. And HeadKrack is a hip-hop artist, producer, and radio personality who regularly appears on SiriusXM radio.

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What Are the Hosts’ Social Media Numbers?

The hosts of Dish Nation all have large social media followings. Rickey Smiley has over 6 million followers on Instagram, Da Brat has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter, Ebony Steele has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, and HeadKrack has over 500,000 followers on Instagram.

What Are the Hosts’ Personal Lives Like?

The hosts of Dish Nation lead very busy lives. Rickey Smiley is a single father of five—two biological children and three adopted children. Da Brat is a single mother of two. Ebony Steele is married with two children. And HeadKrack is married with two children.

Do the Hosts of Dish Nation Get Along?

The hosts of Dish Nation are all very close friends and get along very well. They often go out to dinner together and have even vacationed together. The show is one big family, and it shows in the camaraderie and chemistry between the hosts.


So there you have it. The hosts of Dish Nation are all successful, talented, and are well compensated for their work. They have a great chemistry, a loyal fan base, and lead very busy personal lives. It’s no wonder that Dish Nation has been on the air for nine years and continues to be a hit with viewers.

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