Get to Know NASCAR’s Carl Edwards: How Much Is He Worth?

Introduction to Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is a professional racing driver from Columbia, Missouri, who has been competing in the NASCAR Cup Series since 2004. He is a two-time Cup Series champion and has a total of 28 career wins. He is known for his signature backflip to celebrate his victories and the passionate way he has of communicating his love for the sport. As a result, Edwards is one of the most recognizable and popular drivers in the NASCAR community. But how much is he actually worth?

Carl Edwards’s Incredible Racing Career

Carl Edwards began his racing career in 2002, when he started racing in the NASCAR Busch Series. In 2003 he won his first race, and then in 2004 he won the championship, making him the first rookie to do so. In the same year, he also joined the NASCAR Cup Series with Roush Fenway Racing and earned his first career win. The following year, he won eight more races, making him the first rookie to do so since Richard Petty in 1979.

Throughout his career, Edwards has been a consistent performer and added to his already impressive list of victories. He also has four non-points wins in the All-Star Race and the Sprint Showdown. In 2008, he captured the Cup Series championship for the first time, and in 2011 he added a second championship title. In 2016, following a mid-season announcement, he announced his retirement from driving in NASCAR.

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Carl Edwards’s Business Ventures

In addition to his success on the track, Carl Edwards has also established a presence in the world of business. One of his main ventures is his apparel company, Carl Edwards Signature Series. The company produces a line of casual wear, including hats and t-shirts, as well as racing-inspired items. It also includes merchandise bearing Edwards’ signature backflip logo.

Another one of Carl Edwards’ businesses is his energy beverage company, Carl Edwards Energy. The company offers an energy drink created by Edwards, which is available in convenience stores and gas stations nationwide. He also has a podcast, where he talks about the latest news in NASCAR and shares his own stories from his racing career.

Carl Edwards’s Endorsement Deals

In addition to his own business endeavors, Carl Edwards has also been involved in a number of endorsement deals. He has been sponsored by several auto manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet, as well as brands like McDonald’s and Subway.

In 2015, Edwards was sponsored by Subway for the first time. The deal included Edwards driving the Subway car at a number of races and participating in the brand’s promotional campaigns. In addition, Edwards was featured in a number of television commercials and online advertisements for the company.

How Much Is Carl Edwards Worth?

Given his success on the track, his business ventures, and his endorsement deals, it is no surprise that Carl Edwards is a very wealthy individual. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a total net worth of $45 million.

Most of his wealth comes from his NASCAR earnings. As a two-time champion, Edwards has earned a combined total of over $80 million from race winnings, bonuses, and endorsement deals. His business ventures and endorsement deals have also added to his overall wealth.

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Carl Edwards’s Charitable Contributions

Carl Edwards has been involved in a number of charitable causes throughout his career. He has donated money to a number of organizations, including the American Red Cross, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and the National MS Society. He has also participated in fundraisers for a number of causes, including cancer research and victims of natural disasters.

Edwards has also been involved in a number of causes personally. In 2013, he donated $100,000 to the University of Missouri to help fund a scholarship program for female athletes. In 2018, he also founded the Carl Edwards Foundation, which is dedicated to helping underprivileged children.


Carl Edwards is one of the most successful and recognizable NASCAR drivers, and with good reason. He has achieved great success on the track, having won two championships and a total of 28 races. He is also a successful businessman, with his own apparel company and energy beverage company. Edwards also has a number of endorsement deals and is involved in a number of charitable causes. All of this has contributed to him having a total net worth of $45 million.

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