Find Out How Much Riches Dr. Phil’s Wife Has Accumulated!

Who is Dr. Phil’s Wife, Robin McGraw?

Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, is an American television personality, author, philanthropist, and businesswoman who is married to the highly renowned Dr. Phil, or Phillip Calvin McGraw. She and Dr. Phil have been married since 1976 and have two grown children. Robin is most well known for her appearances on Dr. Phil’s daytime talk show.

Robin’s Background

Robin McGraw was born on December 28, 1953, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended The University of Texas at Austin, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975. After college, Robin worked as a media specialist for the public school system in Dallas. She then decided to move to Los Angeles with Dr. Phil to pursue their ambitious career goals.

Robin’s Television Appearances

In 2003, Robin began appearing regularly on Dr. Phil’s talk show. She provides support and friendship to guests and helps Dr. Phil to offer advice and solutions to those who need it. Robin has also made appearances on other television shows, such as Oprah, The Doctors, and The Rachael Ray Show.

Robin’s Writing and Philanthropy

In addition to her television appearances, Robin has released two books: Inside My Heart in 2015 and From My Heart to Yours in 2017. She is also a philanthropist and involved in numerous charities, including the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, the Dr. Phil Foundation, and the American Heart Association of Los Angeles.

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Robin’s Business Ventures

Robin has also started a number of successful business ventures. In 2009, she founded Robin McGraw Revelation, a skincare and beauty line. The company has since expanded to include clothing, accessories, and home décor. Additionally, Robin has launched the McGraw Women’s Empowerment Network, which provides tools and resources to help women achieve their goals.

How Much Money Does Robin McGraw Have?

Robin McGraw has accumulated a significant amount of wealth from her various ventures. According to reports, Robin’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. This includes her royalties from her books, her product lines, and her television appearances.

Dr. Phil’s Net Worth

Since Robin is married to the highly successful Dr. Phil, it is no surprise that she has also accumulated a substantial amount of wealth. Dr. Phil’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $400 million. The couple’s combined net worth is estimated to be around $450 million.

Where Does the Money Come From?

The majority of Dr. Phil’s wealth comes from his television show, which began airing in 2002. Since then, he has earned a reported $80 million per year. In addition, he has also signed lucrative endorsement deals and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

How Does the Couple Spend Their Money?

The McGraws are known for their philanthropy and have donated millions to various charities. They also enjoy traveling around the world, investing in real estate, and spending time with their family.


Robin McGraw has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth over the years, thanks to her various business ventures, television appearances, and endorsements. Her current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. In combination with her husband’s estimated net worth of $400 million, the McGraws have an estimated combined net worth of $450 million. They are known for their philanthropy and generous donations to various charities, as well as for their love of travel and investments.

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