? Find Out How Much Reality TV Star Chase Chrisley Makes Per Episode!


Reality television star Chase Chrisley has become a household name since his time on the show Chrisley Knows Best. As the son of the show’s star, Todd Chrisley, Chase has become a fan favorite and one of the most recognizable stars of the show. Fans have been left wondering how much the reality television star makes per episode. Fortunately, we can now finally answer that question and dive deeper into the financials of reality television stars.

Reality Television Salaries

Reality television salaries generally vary depending on the type of show, notoriety of the star, and the production budget of the show. Most reality television stars make what is known as a “per-episode fee.” This means they are paid a certain amount of money for each episode they appear in. According to Statista, the median salary of a reality television star in 2019 was around $11,000 per episode.

Chase Chrisley’s Estimated Salary

Chase Chrisley, as a primary star of Chrisley Knows Best, likely makes more than the median salary of a typical reality television star. According to Earn the Necklace, Chrisley was estimated to make around $15,000 to $25,000 per episode, putting him in the upper echelons of reality television stars. Based on the show’s production budget, it’s likely that Chrisley makes closer to the higher end of that range.

Factors Behind Salary Range

The salary range for reality television stars has a lot to do with the show’s production budget and the star’s notoriety. The more recognizable the star and the larger the show’s budget, the higher the salary of the star. Since Chrisley Knows Best is a popular show and its production budget is likely quite high, it makes sense that Chase Chrisley’s estimated salary is closer to the higher end of the range.

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Other Sources of Income

Reality television stars can make money outside of their per-episode fees. Many reality television stars make money through product endorsements and sponsored posts on social media. Chrisley has done both, appearing in advertisements for brands like CenturyLink and appearing in sponsored posts on his social media accounts. While it’s difficult to estimate how much money Chrisley makes from these sources, it’s safe to say that it adds to his overall income.

Net Worth

Since most reality television stars are paid per episode, the amount of money they make changes from season to season. However, we can look at Chase Chrisley’s estimated net worth to get a better understanding of his overall finances. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chrisley’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Chase Chrisley’s Endorsements

Chrisley has been able to use his status as a reality television star to land several endorsement deals. He has appeared in advertisements for popular brands like CenturyLink and has also been sponsored by companies like BetterHelp. Chrisley has also been featured in campaigns for brands like Clorox and Target. These endorsement deals add to Chrisley’s overall income and can be quite lucrative.

Savings and Investments

It’s safe to assume that Chrisley has saved and invested some of his earnings from Chrisley Knows Best and his various endorsement deals. He is quite active on social media, often posting pictures of himself and his family at various luxurious locations. It’s likely that Chrisley has put some of his earnings into savings, investments, and retirement accounts.

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Chase Chrisley’s estimated salary from Chrisley Knows Best is likely between $15,000 and $25,000 per episode. This salary range is likely based on the show’s production budget and Chrisley’s notoriety as a reality television star. Chrisley also makes money from endorsements and sponsored posts on social media, contributing to his estimated net worth of around $2 million. It’s safe to assume that Chrisley has saved and invested some of his earnings as well.

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