Find Out How Much Parker Pays Mitch on Gold Rush to Strike it Rich!

Find Out How Much Parker Pays Mitch on Gold Rush to Strike it Rich!

The hit reality TV show Gold Rush, which follows miners in the Klondike searching for gold, has lots of interesting characters and interesting storylines. One of the most popular characters is Mitch Blaschke, who works with Parker Schnabel and his gold mining crew. Mitch is always in the thick of the action, helping the crew to find gold and in some cases has even saved Parker from some sticky situations. But while viewers are well aware of the risks Mitch takes to help Parker, many are still left wondering how much Parker pays Mitch for his services. To help shed some light on this mystery, we have decided to do some digging and uncover just how much Mitch earns for his hard work each season.

How Much does Mitch Get Paid for Working on Parker’s Crew?

Though the exact amount that Mitch earns for his work with Parker is unknown, it is widely believed that he earns a salary of around $60,000 per season. This is a sizable sum of money, but considering that the crew will typically spend months on the road and will be doing backbreaking physical labor, it seems like a fair pay for the work that Mitch does. Additionally, Mitch does not receive any bonuses or commissions for his work, which means that his salary is his only real source of income.

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Does Mitch Receive Any Other Benefits?

In addition to a salary, Mitch also likely receives other benefits, such as food and lodging while on the road. This is especially important because the crew often stays in remote locations, and therefore cannot always rely on basic amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, Mitch may also receive a bonus if the crew is able to find an especially large amount of gold, as this can mean a larger payday for everyone.

What Other Roles Does Mitch Have on the Show?

In addition to working as a miner, Mitch also serves as a mechanic, which is an essential role for a gold mining operation. He is responsible for maintaining the heavy machinery that is necessary for the crew to be successful. This includes everything from excavators to haul trucks, and he must be able to troubleshoot any issue that arises. He also serves as a teacher, helping to train new miners on how to use the machinery and how to work safely in hazardous conditions.

Does Mitch Have Any Previous Mining Experience?

Mitch is no stranger to mining and has been a part of the industry for many years. Before joining Parker’s crew, he worked as a miner in Australia, as well as in Alaska. Additionally, he has also served as a consultant for mining operations and even as a security guard. This extensive background in the industry is one of the reasons why Parker decided to hire Mitch, as he knows that Mitch can bring valuable experience to the team.

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What Does Mitch Do When He is Not Mining?

When he is not out on the hunt for gold, Mitch can be found at home in Alaska. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting. He also likes to hit the trails and explore the state’s vast land. Additionally, Mitch is passionate about cars and often works on restoring classic vehicles in his spare time.

Does Mitch Enjoy Working for Parker Schnabel?

Despite their occasional disagreements and different personalities, Mitch has indicated that he loves working for Parker. He views Parker as a friend and mentor and has said that working with him is a dream come true. Mitch has also said that Parker is the best boss he has ever had and that the entire crew is like family.

Does Mitch Have Any Interesting Facts?

Mitch has a few interesting tidbits about himself that viewers may not know. For instance, he was a professional fighter in Australia before moving to America. Additionally, he is a huge fan of the hit TV show Game of Thrones and even named his pickaxe after one of the characters.

Where Can Viewers Find Out More About Mitch?

If viewers are interested in learning more about Mitch, they can follow him on social media. He is active on both Instagram and Twitter, and often posts about his current projects and his life in Alaska. Additionally, Mitch also has a website where viewers can find out more about his work with Parker, as well as get updates on his other ventures.

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Mitch Blaschke is a valuable member of Parker Schnabel’s gold mining crew, and there is no doubt that Parker pays him fairly for his hard work season after season. Though the exact amount he earns is unknown, it is believed to be around $60,000 per season. Mitch also likely receives additional benefits, such as food and lodging, while on the road. Additionally, Mitch has extensive experience in the industry, and his mechanical and teaching skills have proven to be vital to the crew’s success. Finally, Mitch loves his job and is passionate about being part of the team. If viewers are interested in learning more about Mitch, they can follow him on social media and check out his website.

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