Find Out How Much Money Miss Robbie Has in the Bank: Uncovering the Estimated Net Worth of the Sweetie Pie’s Matriarch!


Miss Robbie, the matriarch and founder of the famous Soul Food restaurant Sweetie Pie’s, has become a beloved figure in the culinary world. She is an icon for many aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs, especially for those from the African American community. But how much money does Miss Robbie actually have in the bank? In this blog post, we’re going to uncover the estimated net worth of the Sweetie Pie’s matriarch and gain an insight into her personal finances.

A Brief Background of Miss Robbie

Before we take a look at her net worth, let’s quickly go over Miss Robbie’s background. She was born Roberta Louise Parks in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1942. She grew up in a poverty-stricken family and was the eldest of six children. By the age of 15, Miss Robbie was already working in her family’s grocery store.

In 1997, Miss Robbie opened the first of five Sweetie Pie’s locations in St. Louis. In 2011, the Sweetie Pie’s empire went national as the restaurant opened their first location in Los Angeles. Today, Sweetie Pie’s have locations in Missouri, California, and even Las Vegas.

Miss Robbie’s Career as an Author and Actor

Besides being the founder of Sweetie Pie’s, Miss Robbie has also had a successful career as an author and actor. In 2009, she released her first cookbook entitled, “Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook: Soulful Southern Recipes, from My Family to Yours.” She also wrote a motivational book in 2018 entitled, “Miss Robbie’s Rules: Life Lessons from the Matriarch of Sweetie Pie’s.”

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Miss Robbie has also appeared in numerous television shows, including the reality TV show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. She was featured in the show for nine seasons before it ended in 2018. She also appeared in an episode of Webster, The Parkers, and Living Single.

Miss Robbie’s Net Worth

Now that we have a better understanding of Miss Robbie’s background, let’s uncover her estimated net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miss Robbie has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Out of that $10 million, the majority of her wealth is likely to come from her restaurants, books, television appearances, and various business investments. According to various sources, it is estimated that she makes around $2 million a year from Sweetie Pie’s alone.

Miss Robbie’s Properties and Real Estate Investments

Miss Robbie’s net worth is also likely bolstered due to her real estate investments. According to various sources, it is estimated that she has at least three properties located in the St. Louis area. She reportedly owns a house, a duplex, and a rental house.

Miss Robbie’s house is located in the Wellston Park neighborhood of St. Louis. Her 8,700-square-foot mansion is located on two acres of land and is estimated to be worth around $3 million. She has also invested in a duplex located in St. Louis’s Eastern Loop neighborhood. This property is reportedly worth around $1 million.

Miss Robbie’s Other Assets

Apart from her real estate investments, Miss Robbie likely holds other assets, as well. She is likely to invest in stocks and bonds, as well as precious metals and other collectibles.

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Miss Robbie is also likely to have a fleet of vehicles and other luxury goods. However, the exact value of these assets is unknown.


In conclusion, Miss Robbie’s estimated net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This wealth is largely due to her successful business endeavors, such as the Sweetie Pie’s empire as well as her real estate investments. While we don’t know the exact value of her other assets, we can assume that they make up a significant portion of her net worth.

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