Find Out How Much Money Lori Made from Her Famous ‘Scrub Daddy’ Invention!

Who is Lori Greiner?

Lori Greiner is an American entrepreneur, inventor, and television personality. She is best known for appearing on the reality show Shark Tank, where she has invested in over 50 businesses. Greiner is also the creator of the successful organizational product line “For Your Ease Only” and the inventor of the popular kitchen cleaning product “Scrub Daddy.” She is considered a self-made millionaire, having built her own business from the ground up.

What is the Scrub Daddy?

The Scrub Daddy is a dish-cleaning product that was invented by Lori Greiner. It is made of a soft foam material that is gentle on hands and surfaces. The product has a smiley face, which makes it fun and easy to use. It also has a unique texture that changes when exposed to hot or cold water. When exposed to cold water, it becomes firm and is great for scrubbing stuck-on food and tough messes. When exposed to hot water, it softens and is perfect for cleaning delicate dishes.

How Did Lori Greiner Create the Scrub Daddy?

Lori Greiner had the idea for the Scrub Daddy when she was cleaning her dishes one day. She noticed that her regular dishcloth was not effective in removing tough, stuck-on food. She then decided to try her own invention. She created a prototype using foam material and a happy face shape. After perfecting the design, she filed a patent and began selling the product online.

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Lori Greiner’s First Pitch on ‘Shark Tank’

In 2012, Lori Greiner took her invention to the popular American reality show Shark Tank. On the show, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors. Greiner made her pitch for the Scrub Daddy and the investors were impressed. Lori Greiner was able to make a deal with two of the investors, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. After the show aired, her product was an overnight success.

Scrub Daddy’s Success

The Scrub Daddy quickly became one of the most popular cleaning products in the United States. It was featured on several major television networks, including ABC News and The Rachael Ray Show. In 2013, the product was chosen as one of the best new products of the year by Good Housekeeping magazine. It has also become one of the top selling items on QVC.

Lori Greiner’s Profits from the Scrub Daddy

Lori Greiner has been able to make a considerable amount of money from her invention of the Scrub Daddy. She has made millions of dollars in sales and profits from her product. Greiner has also made money from investing in other companies on Shark Tank. She is estimated to have a net worth of over $100 million.

How to Buy the Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy is available for purchase online and in many stores. It can be purchased from major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. It is also available on Lori Greiner’s official website,

Scrub Daddy Review

The Scrub Daddy has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Most users report that the product is effective in cleaning tough messes and is gentle on surfaces. Many also praise the product’s unique design, saying that it makes washing dishes much easier and more fun. The Scrub Daddy has earned an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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Lori Greiner is a self-made millionaire and inventor of the popular dish-cleaning product the Scrub Daddy. She created the product after having difficulty cleaning her dishes with a regular dishcloth. Greiner was able to make a deal for the Scrub Daddy on the reality show Shark Tank, which helped launch it to success. Since its launch, the product has become one of the most popular cleaning products in the United States and has earned Greiner a substantial amount of money. The Scrub Daddy is available for purchase online and in many stores. The product has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users.

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