Find Out How Much Michael Weatherly Makes Per Episode on ‘Bull’!

When it comes to TV actors, Michael Weatherly is a household name. He’s best known for his role as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the long-running show NCIS, where he earned quite a loyal fandom. After leaving the show, Weatherly got a new gig playing the titular character on the show Bull. For fans of the show, one of the most burning questions is: How much does Michael Weatherly make per episode on Bull?

What is the Show Bull About?

Bull is a courtroom drama that premiered in 2016. It follows the exploits of Jason Bull, played by Michael Weatherly, the founder and CEO of a successful trial consulting firm. Bull uses a combination of data analysis, psychology, and high-tech methods to help win cases for his clients. The show also stars Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, Christopher Jackson, and Jamie Lee Kirchner.

How Popular is Bull?

Bull has become one of the most successful dramas on television. It consistently ranks among the top shows in the 18-49 demographic, and is the highest rated scripted show on CBS. The show has earned critical acclaim and has been nominated for several awards. It’s easy to see why Bull has become such a hit with audiences.

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How Much Does Michael Weatherly Make Per Episode on Bull?

It’s no secret that TV actors can make quite a bit of money. So, just how much does Michael Weatherly make per episode on Bull? According to reports, Weatherly is currently making a hefty $500,000 per episode for his work on the show. This makes him one of the highest paid actors on television.

How Does Michael Weatherly’s Salary Compare to Other Actors?

Michael Weatherly’s salary per episode is certainly impressive, but how does it compare to other actors? To put it in perspective, Weatherly’s salary is on par with other high-profile actors like Jim Parsons, who makes a reported $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory. Other actors like Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Kaley Cuoco make around $500,000 per episode, putting Weatherly at the top of the list.

What Other Projects Has Michael Weatherly Starred In?

Before starring on Bull, Michael Weatherly was best known for his role as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the long-running show NCIS. Weatherly was a part of the NCIS cast for 13 seasons, and won several awards for his work on the show. Weatherly also had recurring roles on The Practice, Dark Angel, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

How Has Michael Weatherly’s Salary Changed Over Time?

When Weatherly first signed on to play Jason Bull on Bull, he was reportedly making $175,000 per episode. However, since then his salary has steadily increased, eventually reaching the $500,000 per episode mark. It’s likely that Weatherly’s salary will continue to increase in the years to come.

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Does Michael Weatherly Have Any Endorsement Deals?

In addition to his salary from Bull, Michael Weatherly also has several endorsement deals. In 2018, Weatherly signed a deal to become the global brand ambassador for the watch company Tissot. He also does endorsement deals for other companies like Momentus Golf, and is an active ambassador for the International Rescue Committee.

What Other Projects Does Michael Weatherly Have Coming Up?

In addition to Bull, Weatherly has several other projects in the works. He has a recurring role on the show NCIS: New Orleans, and will be appearing in the upcoming film The Secret of the Nightingale. He’s also set to star in the feature film The Red Sea Diving Resort in 2019.


Michael Weatherly has become one of the most successful TV actors of all time. He currently stars on the hit show Bull and makes a reported $500,000 per episode. Weatherly also does endorsement deals for companies like Tissot and Momentus Golf. He has several other projects in the works, including a role on NCIS: New Orleans and a feature film in 2019. It’s safe to say that Weatherly has quite the impressive resume.

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