Find Out How Much Dave Turin and His Mining Team Make Per Episode!


The hit Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush” has captured the hearts of many viewers since it first premiered in 2010. The show follows Dave Turin and his team of gold miners as they search the rivers and streams of Oregon and the Yukon Territory for gold nuggets. Many viewers have questions about how much money the gold miners make per episode. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at Dave Turin and his team’s income to answer the question of how much money do the gold miners make per episode?

What is Gold Rush?

Gold Rush is a reality television series on the Discovery Channel. The series follows Dave Turin, a gold miner from Oregon, as he leads his team of miners into the wilderness of Oregon and the Yukon Territory in search of gold nuggets. The gold miners use “paydirt”, dirt that they purchase with the hopes of finding gold. The show chronicles the struggles and successes of the team as they search for gold.

How Much Does Dave Turin Make?

Dave Turin is the leader of the gold mining team on the show and is featured prominently in each episode of Gold Rush. He is said to make around $500,000 annually for his role on the show. However, it is unclear how much he makes per episode as it is likely that he is paid a salary for his role on the show, rather than being paid a certain amount per episode.

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Other Gold Miners Salaries

The other gold miners on the show are likely paid a certain amount each episode. It is estimated that the other members of the team make between $10,000 and $20,000 per episode. This is a substantial amount of money and is likely enough to keep members of the team motivated and interested in mining for gold. It is possible that some members of the team may be paid more or less than this, but it is not known for sure.

Production Costs and Other Expenses

When looking at how much money Dave Turin and his team make per episode, it is important to consider the production costs and other expenses associated with the show. It is estimated that the show’s production costs are around $1 million per episode. This includes the cost of filming and editing the episodes, as well as travel expenses and other costs associated with the show. Additionally, the show pays for the rights to use licensed music in each episode, which can add up quickly.

Revenue Generated By Gold Rush

The show has been a tremendous success for Discovery Channel and has been on the air for ten seasons. The show has generated a lot of revenue for Discovery Channel, due to both advertising and viewership. The show has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards and has been acclaimed by viewers and critics alike.

Impact on the Gold Mining Industry

The show has had a positive impact on the gold mining industry overall. The show has brought attention to the gold mining industry and has made it more accessible to the public. Additionally, the show has highlighted some of the challenges associated with gold mining, such as the impact of government regulations on the industry.

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Dave Turin’s Net Worth

Dave Turin is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. Most of this wealth is likely due to his role on the show, as well as his success as a gold miner. He is one of the most successful gold miners featured on the show and has gained notoriety for his ability to find gold.


In conclusion, Dave Turin and his team of gold miners on Gold Rush make a significant amount of money per episode. While the exact amount is not known, it is likely that Dave Turin makes around $500,000 per year and the other members of the team make between $10,000 and $20,000 per episode. Additionally, the show is responsible for generating a substantial amount of revenue for Discovery Channel and has had a positive impact on the gold mining industry.

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