Eric Andre Gives the Caveman Treatment to Geico in Hilarious Ad!

Introduction to the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The popular comedian Eric Andre has taken the world by storm with his hilarious new Geico ad. In the creative and funny commercial, Andre dons a caveman costume and goes to a Geico office with a unique request: he wants the company to help him get insurance coverage for his time machine. Andre is in need of the money-saving gimmick of Geico, and the ad ends with the classic tagline of the company, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Eric Andre’s Background

Before the Geico ad, Eric Andre was known for his outlandish comedy. He hosted a late-night show from 2012 to 2018, featuring guests from all walks of life, and often featured sketches and hidden camera pranks. He also had a Netflix stand-up special from 2018 called Legalize Everything and is a creator and star of the Adult Swim show “The Eric Andre Show”. Andre is no stranger to acting, as he starred in the 2018 film remake of the horror classic “Suspiria”.

The Making of the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The Geico ad featuring Eric Andre was shot at a studio with a very detailed set. The set was designed as a modern office, with a big desk in the center and cubicles in the background. The set had all the necessary props, including a time machine and a caveman costume. The director asked Andre to act out a few different scenarios with the time machine, and after several takes, they settled on the one that made it into the final cut.

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The Concept Behind the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The concept of the Eric Andre Geico commercial was to show the benefits of Geico in an unexpected and humorous way. By having Andre, dressed as a caveman, come into the office and request time machine insurance, it’s a unique way to demonstrate the money-saving power of Geico. It’s also a great way to show that Geico is willing to insure anything, even something as wild and out of the ordinary as a time machine.

Reception to the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The Eric Andre Geico ad has been met with favorable reviews from viewers. Andre’s comedic timing and delivery in the ad has been praised, as well as the overall concept. People have also praised the production value of the ad, from the set design to the overall look and feel. The ad has become a viral hit, with millions of views on YouTube and thousands of shares on social media.

Eric Andre’s Role in the Ad

Eric Andre plays the role of a caveman who travels back in time to the present day in order to get insurance for his time machine. He comes into the Geico office and hilariously interacts with the employees and presents his case. Andre’s performance in the ad is energetic and funny, and he plays off of the other actors in the commercial perfectly. It’s a great example of his comedic talent and timing.

The Creative Process Behind the Ad

The creative process behind the Eric Andre Geico ad was a lengthy one. Writers and producers worked together to come up with a concept that was unexpected, humorous, and memorable. From there, they worked on the script and then brought in a director to bring the ad to life. The director cast Andre and the other actors, oversaw the set design, and worked with Andre to perfect the delivery of his lines.

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The Advertising Campaign for the Eric Andre Geico Ad

Once the ad was completed, a multi-faceted advertising campaign was launched to promote the Eric Andre Geico commercial. The ad was released on YouTube, and then promoted through various social media channels. Geico also worked with Eric Andre to launch a series of video interviews with him about the ad, as well as interviews with the cast and crew. The campaign was a success and helped to increase the awareness of the ad and its message.

Impact of the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The Eric Andre Geico ad has been a major success, in terms of both views and engagement. The ad has been shared thousands of times on social media, and it has earned millions of views on YouTube. People have praised the ad’s concept and execution, and it has become a viral hit. The ad has also been covered by various news outlets and has been used as an example of effective advertising and content marketing.

The Legacy of the Eric Andre Geico Ad

The Eric Andre Geico ad has become a classic example of advertising done right. It’s an example of how a company can use humor and unexpected moments to make an ad that sticks with viewers. The ad has also become a testament to Andre’s comedic talents, as he was able to make the ad funny and memorable. The ad has become a classic piece of Geico advertising and will no doubt continue to be shared and discussed for many years to come.

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