Drew Carey’s Whopping Salary in 2015: The Reasons Behind It


Drew Carey has long been known for his comedy and acting skills, but in 2015, he earned a whopping salary that left many people scratching their heads. How did he manage to rake in such a large sum of money in one year and what factors may have contributed to his success? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Drew Carey’s 2015 salary and explore some of the possible reasons behind it.

Background Information

Drew Carey is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer who began his career on the stand-up comedy circuit in the late1980s. He went on to star in the hit sitcom The Drew Carey Show, which ran from 1995 to 2004. He then became the host of the game show The Price Is Right in 2007, a position he still holds. He also hosted the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? from 1998 to 2007. Carey is also very active in charitable causes and served as a United Service Organization (USO) volunteer for six tours.

Drew Carey’s Income in 2015

In 2015, Drew Carey earned a whopping $14.5 million in salary alone. This was more than double his earnings from the year before, which were $6.8 million. Most of this salary came from his hosting duties on The Price Is Right and Whose Line Is It Anyway?. He also earned money from endorsement deals with companies like Pepsi and 1-800-Flowers, as well as his stand-up comedy tours.

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The Reasons Behind Drew Carey’s High Income

There are several factors that may have contributed to Drew Carey’s high income in 2015. One of the most obvious factors is the fact that The Price Is Right, which Carey has hosted since 2007, continues to be one of the most-watched game shows on television. His salary is also likely affected by his extensive experience in the entertainment industry and his endorsement deals. Additionally, Carey is well-known for his charitable work, which likely plays a role in his high earnings.

The Price Is Right’s Popularity

The Price Is Right is a long-running game show that has been on television since 1972. It is currently hosted by Drew Carey and is one of the most popular game shows on television. According to Nielsen ratings, the show has consistently been in the top five of all syndicated game shows, and it is estimated that it has reached over 25 million viewers. Its success has likely played a role in Carey’s high salary, as he is the host of the show and thus has a vested interest in its popularity.

Drew Carey’s Entertainment Experience

Drew Carey has been in the entertainment industry for decades, with several successful sitcoms and game shows under his belt. He has a great deal of experience in the industry and is well-known for his comedy and hosting skills. As a result, he has likely been able to command higher salaries for his roles and endorsement deals.

Endorsement Deals

Drew Carey has had endorsement deals with several companies over the years. These include Pepsi, 1-800-Flowers, and Geico. These deals are likely lucrative and result in a significant boost to Carey’s income.

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Charitable Causes

Drew Carey is an active supporter of several charities and causes, including the USO and Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has been a USO volunteer for six tours and has also participated in charity events for the Special Olympics, American Red Cross, and others. His charitable work is well-known and likely plays a role in his high salary.


It’s no surprise that Drew Carey earned a whopping salary in 2015, as there are several factors that may have contributed to it. He likely benefited from the popularity of The Price Is Right and his extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Additionally, his endorsement deals and charitable work likely played a role in his high earnings. Whatever the reason, Carey’s salary in 2015 was impressive and is sure to be remembered for years to come.

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