Discover the Real Income Behind Being a UFC Cutman!

Introduction to Cutmen in the UFC

Cutmen are a vital part of professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). They work to close facial cuts and bruises that fighters have suffered during fights, as well as provide other medical care. Cutmen in the UFC are especially important for the safety of fighters and for the success of the sport. While the job of a UFC Cutman might seem relatively straightforward, there is a lot of complexity and skill that goes into the role. As such, these professionals can earn a considerable income from the job. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the real income behind being a UFC Cutman.

What Does a Cutman Do?

Before diving into the income of UFC Cutmen, it’s important to understand exactly what their job entails. During a fight, UFC Cutmen work to assess the damage done to a fighter’s face. This includes cuts, bruises, and any other injuries they might have sustained. After assessing the damage, they take steps to close the wound and help the fighter heal. This includes applying pressure to stop bleeding, applying anesthetic to reduce pain, and applying adhesive tape.

Assisting in Safety During a Fight

In addition to their medical duties, UFC Cutmen also have an important safety role to play. They keep a close watch on fighters and make sure that they are able to continue the fight safely. If a fighter is seriously injured and cannot continue, Cutmen will advise the referee to stop the fight. This helps to ensure that fighters don’t suffer serious harm due to over-exertion.

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What Education is Necessary to Become a Cutman?

To become a UFC Cutman, you don’t necessarily need a formal education. However, it is beneficial to have some medical training. This could include courses in first aid and emergency medical care, as well as courses on how to assess and close wounds. Some Cutmen also have experience with medical equipment, like suturing tools.

What are the Benefits of Being a Cutman?

The biggest benefit of being a Cutman in the UFC is the ability to travel to different parts of the world. As there are UFC events in various countries, Cutmen have the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. In addition, the job offers a great degree of job security. As long as fighters are getting injured in the ring, there will be a need for Cutmen.

How Much Do Cutmen Make?

Cutmen can earn a considerable income from their role in the UFC. According to several sources, the average wage of a UFC Cutman is between $200 and $300 per fight. If you work with a successful fighter, you may be able to negotiate a higher wage. In addition, Cutmen can also make money from sponsorship deals, as well as selling merchandise.

Challenges Faced By Cutmen

Like any job, there are certain challenges associated with being a Cutman in the UFC. One of the biggest challenges is the fact that fighters are often under a great deal of stress. This can sometimes lead to outbursts of anger and aggression, which Cutmen must keep in check. Other challenges include ensuring the safety of fighters in the ring and responding quickly to medical situations.

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What are the Physcial Requirements for Being a Cutman?

Cutmen need to be in good physical shape and have a strong grasp of medical concepts. This is because they must be able to assess and treat injuries quickly and accurately. As such, it is important for Cutmen to have a good understanding of medical tools, as well as knowledge of different treatments and techniques. In addition, they should also be physically fit, as they may need to move quickly around the ring.


Being a Cutman in the UFC is an exciting job that offers a great degree of job security and the potential to earn a substantial income. While it requires some medical knowledge and physical fitness, it can be a rewarding role. Cutmen have an important role to play in the sport, as they ensure the safety of fighters and help them continue to compete safely.

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