Corey Harrison’s Shock Death Leaves the World in Mourning

Corey Harrison’s Life Before His Sudden Passing

There is no doubt that the world has been deeply saddened by the news of Corey Harrison’s sudden passing. It was shocking to learn that the successful entrepreneur and star of the hit reality TV show Pawn Stars had died at the young age of just 38. Corey was a member of the widely popular Harrison family, and the co-owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Corey Harrison was born in Las Vegas in 1983. He was the son of Richard “Old Man” Harrison and JoAnne Rhue Harrison. Corey was the younger brother to Rick Harrison, his co-star and co-owner of the Pawn Shop, and his older brother, Christopher Harrison. Corey spent most of his childhood growing up in Las Vegas, where he went to school and also worked part time at his father’s pawn shop.

Corey Harrison’s Rise to Fame

Corey Harrison’s life changed in 2009 when he and his family were cast in the History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The show highlighted the lives of the Harrison family and their pawn shop, and it quickly became a huge hit. Corey was a natural in front of the camera and his likability made him an instant fan favorite. Corey, his father, Rick, and his grandfather, Richard, became household names due to the massive success of the show.

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On the show, Corey was known as the “Go-To-Guy”. He was the one who made the deals, negotiated prices with customers, and kept the family business running smoothly. Corey was also the lead appraiser, and his knowledge and expertise in the pawn shop business made him invaluable to the family.

Corey Harrison’s Many Business Ventures

Corey Harrison was a success in the business world. He opened his own jewelry store, Harrison’s Fine Jewelry, and he also owned his own apparel store, Harrison’s Wear. Corey also ran a bar and grill which he named Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill. His many business ventures made Corey a successful entrepreneur, and it was clear that he was passionate about his work.

Corey also appeared in several other shows outside of Pawn Stars. He appeared as a judge on the reality competition show, The Great Chrismas Light Fight. He also appeared in American Restoration, a spin-off of Pawn Stars, as well as in a number of other shows and specials.

Corey Harrison’s Personal Life

Corey was an incredibly hard worker and passionate entrepreneur, but he also had a softer side. He was a loving father to his two children, Tyson and Brooklyn, and an affectionate husband to his wife, Charlene. Corey was a kind and generous man, and he was always helping others and putting a smile on people’s faces.

Corey was also an avid fan of the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, and he was often seen attending the games with his family. He was also a huge fan of classic rock music, and he could often be found rocking out at concerts.

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The Cause of Corey Harrison’s Death

On June 25, 2021, the world was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Corey Harrison’s sudden passing. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but it is believed to have been due to natural causes.

Corey Harrison’s death is a huge loss to the world. He was a talented entrepreneur, a loving father and husband, and an all-around great guy. His presence in the world will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

The World Mourns Corey Harrison’s Death

The news of Corey Harrison’s death has been met with an outpouring of love and support from fans, friends, and family alike. On social media, fans of the Pawn Stars show have taken to posting tributes and memories of Corey, and expressing their condolences.

The Harrison family has also expressed their love and gratitude for the support that they have received in the wake of Corey’s death. Richard “the Old Man” Harrison released a statement saying that Corey was “a wonderful son, brother, father, husband, and friend.” Rick Harrison posted a heartfelt tribute on his Instagram page, saying that Corey was “a part of our [family] that we will never replace.”

Corey Harrison’s Legacy Lives On

Corey Harrison was an incredibly influential figure in the world of business and entertainment. He was a successful entrepreneur and a beloved star of the Pawn Stars show. He was a loving father, a devoted husband, and a kind and generous man.

Corey’s legacy will live on through his family, his friends, and the countless people that he has inspired. He was a man who truly made a difference in the world, and his life and legacy will never be forgotten.

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