Breaking Records: Has a Rookie Ever Won a Super Bowl MVP?


Football fans around the world eagerly anticipate Super Bowl Sunday each year. It’s a time to come together with friends and family, enjoy some great food, and watch one of the biggest sporting events of the year. For many, the highlight of the Super Bowl is the awarding of the MVP award to the most outstanding player on the field. But, have any rookies ever won the coveted Super Bowl MVP award? Let’s take a look.

Rookies in the Super Bowl

In the 54-year history of the Super Bowl, there have been a handful of rookies who have made it to the big game. Of the 54 players who have won the MVP award, only four of them were rookies at the time the award was given. The first rookie to ever win a Super Bowl MVP award was Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach in 1971. He is also the youngest player to ever win the award, at 25 years old.

The next rookie to win the MVP award was Los Angeles Raiders running back Marcus Allen in 1983. He is the only player to win both the Heisman Trophy and the Super Bowl MVP. The third rookie to be named Super Bowl MVP was Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris in 1974, and the fourth was New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2002.

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The Impact of Rookies in the Super Bowl

Having a rookie in the Super Bowl can be a game-changer. Rookies are often seen as unproven players who lack the experience of their veteran counterparts, but they can also bring a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the team and the game.

For the teams that have had rookie starters in the Super Bowl, they have generally done well. Of the four rookies who have won the MVP award, three of them, Staubach, Allen, and Brady, led their teams to victory. Harris, on the other hand, was on the losing side, but his performance was still impressive enough to garner him the MVP award.

How Rookies Earned Super Bowl MVPs

So how did these rookies earn the MVP award? Staubach led a remarkable comeback for the Cowboys, throwing for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to tie the score and sending the game into overtime. He then threw the winning touchdown in the extra period to lead his team to victory.

Allen put on a show for the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII, rushing for a then-record 191 yards and a touchdown. Harris had a stellar game, rushing for 158 yards and a touchdown, and he also caught two passes for 20 yards. Finally, Brady threw for 145 yards and one touchdown in a low-scoring affair to help the Patriots win their first ever Super Bowl title.

Recent Rookies in the Super Bowl

In recent years, there have been several rookies who have made it to the Super Bowl. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was the first rookie quarterback to reach the Super Bowl since Brady, and many predicted he could be in line for the MVP award. However, it was not to be, as the Ravens were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers.

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Similarly, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was a rookie when he reached the Super Bowl in 2018, and he put on an impressive display in a losing effort. He threw for 295 yards and three touchdowns, but the Chiefs were unable to overcome the New England Patriots.

Will We See Another Rookie Super Bowl MVP?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it’s certainly possible that another rookie could win the MVP award in the future. With the increasing popularity of rookie quarterbacks, it stands to reason that one of them could put together a performance worthy of the MVP award.

However, even if a rookie quarterback were to win the MVP award in the future, they would still have their work cut out for them. After all, they would have to put together a performance as impressive as Staubach, Allen, Harris, or Brady to be able to capture the honor.


In the 54-year history of the Super Bowl, only four rookies have ever won the MVP award. Roger Staubach, Marcus Allen, Franco Harris, and Tom Brady all put together remarkable performances to be the first rookies to ever win the award.

While it’s certainly possible that another rookie could capture the MVP award in the future, they would have to put together a performance as impressive as these four to do so. Until then, these four players will remain the only rookies to have ever earned the Super Bowl MVP award.

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