A ‘Situation’ Made in Heaven – Uncovering How Much The Jersey Shore Star Spent On His Wedding Day!


It’s safe to say that fans of the Jersey Shore were ecstatic when the wedding of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley was announced. After all, Ronnie had become a fan favorite with his wild antics and larger than life personality. But speculation was rampant as to exactly how much the Jersey Shore star spent on his wedding day! Now fans can get the inside scoop on what Ronnie’s big day looked like and how much money went into making it a reality.

Ronnie and Jen’s Love Story

Ronnie and Jen’s relationship began in 2017 when the two met in Las Vegas. It wasn’t long before the couple had moved in together, and just one year later, the two were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, the engagement was short lived and the couple split just a few months after their daughter Ariana was born. Fortunately, the two worked out their issues and got engaged again in 2019. It was then that Ronnie and Jen had plans to make it official with a wedding.

The Wedding Venue

Just four months later, the couple said their “I Do’s” at the Elite Soundstage in New Jersey. It was a stunning venue, with high ceilings and a modern aesthetic. It featured plenty of space to fit everyone in attendance, as well as a chic outdoor patio area overlooking the New York skyline. The private event space boasted amenities such as audio equipment, lighting, and a complimentary bar. All of which undoubtedly added to the total cost of the wedding.

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The Dress

Of course, no wedding would be complete without the bride’s dress. Jen opted for a timeless ivory gown with an off the shoulder sweetheart neckline. Accompanying her dress were a pair of white stilettos and a vintage inspired birdcage veil. With such a classic look, it’s easy to assume that the dress cost quite a bit.

Food and Beverages

When it comes to weddings, the food and drinks are often the most expensive items on the list. This was no exception for Ronnie and Jen’s big day. Guests were able to enjoy a variety of hors d’oeuvres including sliders, mini tacos, and mini pastas. An open bar was also available throughout the night.

The Cake

No wedding is complete without a stunning cake. Ronnie and Jen chose a stunning 5 tier cake with a metallic finish. The cake was decorated with fresh flowers and sugar paste roses. It is safe to assume that the cake was quite expensive, as it was by far the most talked about part of the wedding reception.

The Entertainment

When it comes to weddings, the entertainment can really make or break the night. For Ronnie and Jen’s celebration, they chose one of the hottest DJs in town. He kept the dance floor packed all night long and had everyone up and dancing. It’s safe to assume that the DJ wasn’t cheap either.


The venue was already stunning, but Ronnie and Jen wanted to make sure it was even more special. They chose to go with a classic black and white theme, complete with white chairs and black and white linens. They also added a few special touches like crystal chandeliers and a hooded lounge area for the couple’s guests. All of these decorations added to the total cost of the wedding.

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Photography & Videography

No wedding is complete without photos and videos to document the special day. Ronnie and Jen went with a well-known and experienced wedding photographer, as well as a local videographer. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer is an added expense but it is also worth it to capture the day perfectly.

Total Cost

So, how much did all of this cost in the end? According to sources, Ronnie and Jen spent approximately $75,000 on their wedding day. This included the venue, the dress, food and beverage, decorations, entertainment, photography and videography, and other miscellaneous costs.


It’s clear that Ronnie and Jen’s wedding day was an unforgettable event. From the spectacular venue to the stunning photos and videos, everything about the day was truly made in heaven. While it may have cost a pretty penny, it’s safe to say that the couple’s special day was worth every penny.

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