Как Джордж Мартин Зарабатывает Деньги С Каждой Книги


George R.R. Martin is one of the most famous authors of the 21st century. He is best known for his series of fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adapted into the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. But what most fans don’t know is how George R.R. Martin makes money from every book he publishes. To understand this, we must first look at the different sources of revenue that an author like George R.R. Martin can draw on in order to make a profit.

Book Sales

The primary source of income for an author is book sales. This includes both paperback and digital books. George R.R. Martin has published a number of books over the years, including novels, short story collections, and comic books. Each book sale contributes to the author’s overall income, whether it is from a hardcover, paperback, or eBook purchase. Furthermore, authors often get a percentage of the profits from sales of foreign editions of their books. In the case of George R.R. Martin, his books are translated into multiple languages, so he gets a share of the proceeds from sales in those countries.

Royalty Advance Payments

In addition to book sales, successful authors also receive royalty advance payments from their publishers. These are lump sum payments that are paid to the author before the book is released and before any sales have been made. The amount of the advance payment is determined by the publisher, typically depending on the commercial potential and the marketing budget available.

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Subsidiary Rights

Subsidiary rights are another important source of income for authors. Subsidiary rights refer to the different types of rights that can be granted for the use of an author’s work, such as film, television, audio, and more. In the case of George R.R. Martin, he was granted the rights to the television adaptation of his books, which has proven to be incredibly profitable.


Merchandise is another source of income that is available to authors. This includes items such as mugs, t-shirts, pins, and other collectibles that are sold to fans of the author’s work. George R.R. Martin has a variety of merchandise available, such as t-shirts, mugs, and other collectibles that are sold through his website and other online retailers. This is a great source of income, as it allows fans to show their support and receive something tangible in return.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are another way for authors to make money from their work. Authors can be invited to speak at conferences, universities, conventions, and other events. These engagements provide authors with an opportunity to promote their work, network, and earn additional income. George R.R. Martin has appeared at multiple conventions and events, including San Diego Comic-Con, where he was a featured guest.

Advance Book Readings

Advance book readings are a great way for authors to get people interested in their work before it is released. The author invites people to attend a reading of a portion of the book before it is released. This is a great way to generate additional interest and sales. George R.R. Martin often holds advance book readings at bookstores and other venues.

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Book Tours

Book tours are another way for authors to generate additional income and promote their work. Authors can tour different cities and countries, holding book signings, readings, and other events. This is a great way for authors to build a fanbase and generate additional sales. George R.R. Martin has gone on book tours across the world, promoting his books and meeting with fans.

Writing Services

Writing services are another source of income for authors. Authors can be hired to write articles, reviews, speeches, and other forms of writing. George R.R. Martin is often hired to write scripts for films and television shows. This provides him with additional income and a chance to be involved in the creative process of film and television.


George R.R. Martin has a variety of sources of income that he makes from his books. These include book sales, royalty advance payments, subsidiary rights, merchandise, speaking engagements, advance book readings, book tours, and writing services. By utilizing all these different sources, George R.R. Martin is able to make money from every book he publishes.

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